Tuesday, Feb 19, 2019

February 19, 2019

February 2019

Panel 1
Crowd: ...3...2...1!
Off-screen: Welcome to Disneyland!

Panel 2
Greg: You know, before I met you and started coming here so often, the idea of waking up at 5:45 so we could get ready and be here half an hour before the park opens would have seemed insane.

Panel 3
Liz: And then you learned that doing so means you get to ride most of the rides before the crowd shows up, so you get to have more fun.

Panel 4
Greg: Well yes, but more specifically, after how much it cost us to get three annual passes, I will be GOD DAMNED if I don’t squeeze every ounce of utility from these friggen’ tickets.
Liz: Eight to Midnight, baby!
Harper: Mommy, I’m already tired.