Wednesday, Feb 6, 2019

February 6, 2019

February 2019

Panel 1
Greg: I just don’t know if she’s READY for it yet, is all.
Liz: She’s SEVEN. What seven year old ISN’T ready for Harry Potter?

Panel 2
Greg: I mean, her reading is strong, for sure, but the first book is supposed to be like a 5th grade reading level.
Liz: So you read it TO her.

Panel 3
Greg: But don’t you think there’s something to be said for her to wait until she’s Harry’s age when she finally reads it? I worry she’d miss out on some of the nuance of the story.
Liz: She might, but she can always read it again when she’s older.

Panel 4
Greg: To be honest, I kind of think the way I was introduced to Harry Potter is the best.
Liz: Avoiding it like the plague because it was popular, and then finally giving in and reading it in your 20’s?
Greg: Exactly.