Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018

November 13, 2018

November 2018

Panel 1
Liz: Harper, you’ve been on that tablet for hours.
Harper: I know.

Panel 2
Liz: I know you KNOW, but maybe find something ELSE to do.
Harper: But I can’t play outside with my friends because of all the smoke!

Panel 3
Liz: Okay, but there’s still a world of other things to do that AREN’T playing on the tablet.
Harper: Ugh, FINE.

Panel 4
Harper: I’ll play on the Switch instead.
Liz: Excellent. Broaden those horizons.

Footnote for later note: California is currently experiencing a rash of wildfires, including the Camp Fire to the north and the Woolsey Fire to the south. The air quality index in the Sacramento area for the last few days has been over 150 (as high as 274 on sunday). So Harper remained inside all day.