Friday, Nov 30, 2018

November 30, 2018

November 2018

Panel 1
Tony: Hey Greg, wanna help me with something?
Greg: Can it wait? We’re watching She-Ra.

Panel 2
Tony: Dave fixed all the safeguards in the holodeck, and I need someone to come test it with me.
Greg: Are you for fuckin’ serious right now? What makes you think I’d ever go back in that friggen’ machine?!

Panel 3
Tony: It’s COMPLETELY safe. It’s literally physically impossible for you to ever get trapped in there - there’s an integrated cranial implant that can override all computer control.
Greg: Oh, so not only do you want me to go back into a potential holographic PRISON, but you also want me to get hardware surgically implanted into my skull? Yeah, you’re cracked.

Panel 4
Tony: Two words: Starship. Enterprise.
Greg: So like, do I need to shave part of my head for the implant, or…?
Greg: You know, to hell with it. I’ll shave the whole thing to be sure.
Liz: GREG!!