Tuesday, Nov 6, 2018

I swear to god, you better have voted today.

November 2018

Panel 1
Liz: How goes work on the frame?
Greg: Going well! Wanna come see?

Panel 2
Liz: Holy s**t, this is way more disassembled than I was expecting.
Greg: Well, I had to rip out a LOT of rotten wood along the corners. The seals on three of the four corners hadn’t been replaced in decades, so the water seeped in and destroyed most of it. It’s a cheap fix, just takes time, is all.

Panel 3
Greg: On the bright side, I was able to switch to some slightly larger framing pieces, and reinforce it a ton more than what was originally there. Most of this was built with staples. You could flip this thing upside down now, and it’d hold its shape.

Panel 4
Liz: I realize you’re meaning that to sound reassuring, but you’ve somehow managed to do the opposite.
Greg: Look, I’m not saying I AM going to flip the trailer. Just that I COULD.
Liz: DON’T.
Greg: I won’t!
Greg: ...but I COULD.