Monday, Nov 5, 2018

November 5, 2018

November 2018

Panel 1
Tony: You got… a trailer?
Greg: Yep! Ain’t it great?

Panel 2
Tony: Is it in good shape?
Greg: Yeah! I mean, I need to fix the frame in the front and back because the seals leaked, and there’s a leaking water line under the tub. Oh, and there’s some water damage by the door, so I need to replace the floor there.

Panel 3
Greg: Let’s see… the countertops and table are in good shape, but I think we’re going to replace them with a nice butcher-block instead of the formica. I think we’re gonna rip up the linoleum and put some vinyl flooring in. Oh, and we’ll need to replace all the lights with LED lights too.

Panel 4
Tony: So, it’s in good shape, aside from the EVERYTHING, then.
Greg: Hey - it was free.
Tony: I mean… was it though?