Tuesday, Mar 6, 2007

Title: 1820

March 2007


Title: 1820

March 6, 2007
12:01 AM

Wow – it’s been a long, long time since I’ve posted here, it seems. I feel somewhat justified, though – the last two weeks have been something crazy. So before I go into what’s coming, let me real quick brief you on what’s come before.

For starters, Liz is home – she got back a week ago. Her Dad’s in the clear – not 100%, but recovering pretty well, from what I hear. She’ll make a post later, and possibly go more into it and what happened. The good news is, though, he’s okay, and she’s back.

I was massively behind on sending out orders, due to my ineptitude with the system Liz somehow manages to work with ease. However, as of tonight, (and with a few exceptions) all current orders (not including Wii gym) have been sent out. The Wii gym shirts have been ordered, and are on their way… as soon as they get here, I’ll let you know, and they’ll go out.

So now on with the present, and on to the future. As of today, I have exactly 10 more days of slave labor- er, I mean “externship” ahead of me. Next friday is my last day. LAST. DAY. Now, it’s always been a remote possibility that La Folie would offer me a job, though I never really thought it would happen. Amazingly enough, however, they DID offer me a job, the week before last. I never thought I’d be a good pick – I always felt a little like the kitchen dork. However, on my exit interview, I got all 10’s. I was shocked. So, as of March 17, I will officially be…. not working at La Folie. :)

Yes, I turned them down. You might think it amazing, but I had very good reasons. First, I have to be honest – the pay was not spectacular. I made more per hour working at Dave’s Gourmet as an assistant than I would have in the kitchen. That’s the way it is in fine dining, from what I’m told. People are so interested in working for a master chef or a big-name restaurant that they’re willing to do it for next to nothing. Or nothing, in my case. Anyway, it’s certainly not because of the environment. Lately, I’ve actually been ENJOYING myself at work… people are more friendly, I’ve been doing good work, and the nights have been over before I even knew what happened.

Two things really prompted me to say no. One was something I never thought I could do, but the last three months has shown me I CAN do – I’m going to spend some time being a CARTOONIST. For about a month after my time at La Folie is up, I’m going to stay home, focus on the comic, and whip things back into shape. For too long, too many aspects of this site have gone untouched. There’s no excuse for there being no characters section. I want, for the first time in a LONG time, to actually put out a comic FIVE DAYS A WEEK. I want to get merchandise whipped into shape and streamlined. And most importantly – I WANT TO FINISH BOOK FREAKING TWO. This is going to be a full-time job for me. I’m going to dedicate 8 hours out of my day to getting things DONE around here. Hello, my name is Greg, and I’ll be your cartoonist. How may I help you?

The other reason is something I never thought I WOULD do, but then started looking like a really good idea. A month and a half ago or so, I got an e-mail from my old boss Dave, at Dave’s Gourmet. It was a job offer. Not my old job – better than my old job. I’d actually be getting a chance to put my culinary degree to use – I’d be helping create new products and product lines for the three companies DG owns and operates. I’d get flexible hours if I wanted. And the pay rocks my socks off. So around early April, I’m going to be going back to DG for one or two days a week (allowing me to still have time to go hardcore cartoonist-style until I get the book done) and around May, I’ll be going back 3 or 4 days a week – and still making more than I would have working 5 12-hour days at La Folie. A schedule like that will not only allow me to feel important doing work for DG, but still have time to focus on comic work without getting burnt out. And because the hours are normal – I CAN FEEL HUMAN AGAIN.

So two more weeks, my friends. Two more weeks, and I can be free. Thanks for coming along on the ride with me.

Title: 1820

March 6, 2007
12:01 AM

So, it’s back! You guys have been incredibly awesome over the last two weeks, and have helped us out more than you can know – and now it’s time to give back. Everyone who has donated so far will be recieving a .zip file with this month’s support group gift – a new wallpaper!

It’s not just limited to those who have donated already, though – anyone who donates $10 or more until the end of March will recieve a zip file with all kinds of conceivable resolutions of the image above. It kinda ties in with the current storyline too, I guess. :)

So join the RLSG today! You’ll be glad you did… and so will I. :D