Tuesday, Mar 27, 2007

Title: 1833

March 2007


Title: 1833

March 27, 2007
12:01 AM

As you can see, I’ve added a new module to the ever-increasing right-hand side of the page. This new module will track, in fairly real-time, my progress on getting book 2 done. This partly serves two purposes – it keeps you informed of how things are going, and it serves as a reminder to ME to get my butt in gear. And yes – that deadline is accurate. In order for me to have book 2 ready in time for Comic-Con, I need to get it to the printers by NO LATER than June 1st. That leaves me two months to get a book made, almost from scratch.

Can I do it? Hell yes I can! Failure is not an option. Once I get all the comics updated and ready to lay out, I’ll start taking preorders for the book. We’re also going to try to look into getting a limited number of hard-bound editions as well, so that should be pretty exciting.

Book 2 is going to be all kinds of awesome – we’re going with a matte cover this time instead of glossy – I think it lends the book a nicer feel. We’re also going to be scaling it down ever so slightly so it’s the same size as all your other shiny graphic novels – no freaky-sized books here! And don’t forget – I’m making all the comics look bright, shiny and new. The ones I’ve done so far look awesome… It’ll be great to see them all.

I’ll post the cover once that’s finished – I’m calling in some outside help yet again. I think you’ll get a kick out of the idea I’ve got for it. Just a hint: the full title of the book will be “Real Life – 2001 : A Geek Odyssey”. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.