Friday, Mar 30, 2007

Title: 1836

March 2007


Title: 1836

March 30, 2007
12:01 AM

Well, it’s time I head to bed – I gotta get up and catch a plane to my OTHER favoritest city ever – Seattle! It’s been a while since I’ve been up that way, but I’m back! Emerald City Comic Con is upon us, and I’ll be hangin’ out at the Blank Label Comics booth all weekend. You can’t miss us – look for the ORANGE. :)

I’m going to have literally EVERYTHING with me for sale. We’re currently out of stock of men’s CHA 20 shirts, but I’ll have a bunch of women’s and junior’s sizes there… basically, my entire stock of t-shirts will be there with me. We’ve got a bunch of books for sale at a discounted con price of $15… we’ve got earbud winders, christmas cards… and we’re even going to have a bunch of prints of various popular strips, remastered and printed out all nice and shiny – for $5 each. Even have a few seattle-based comics in the stack, too. :) And if you’re lucky (well, or not. Depends on your point of view) we’ve got a few discontinued Shirt Ninja Babydoll tees and DorkBoy tees for FIVE BUCKS EACH. Can’t beat that.

Anyway, come on by and see us! It’s been a while since we’ve been at a good ol’ fashioned comic con, so it’ll be good to see everyone! Anyway, off to bed with me… I’m only gettin’ 5 hours of sleep as is. :D