Wednesday, Mar 21, 2007

Title: 1829

March 2007


Title: 1829

March 21, 2007
12:01 AM

…comes to us courtesy of Kenneth Keyn. I literally JUST received it in my inbox a few minutes ago, and it made me laugh out loud. Well played, Kenneth. Well played indeed.

Back from Sacramento – and busy folding shirts! The Wii Gym shirts FINALLY came in, so now Liz and I are busy folding them for shipment. We’re also now poly-bagging and size-tagging everything, so it keeps it all in order and clean and safe. It also makes it easier to identify, since the size sticker is easy to see even if the shirts are stacked – and we’re also forcing most of the air out of the bags, so they’re essentially vacuum-sealed. Saves on space, and should make the shipping envelopes a lot thinner.

I’ll post a picture tomorrow of the shirts – they look awesome. There’s just…. a LOT of these buggers. Oi.