Monday, Nov 23, 2020

November 23, 2020

November 2020

Panel 1
Liz: Hey sweetie, I was going to… huh.
Mae: Huh? What huh?

Panel 2
Liz: I’m… *sniff*... that’s so weird. You don’t stink.
Mae: Thank you? Neither do you?

Panel 3
Liz: I don’t think you fully understand here - EVERY DAY we’ve been together, you’ve had sort of this low-level stink. It ramped up when you were active, but it was ALWAYS there.
Mae: Sure, that’s why I showered every-
Liz: Didn’t matter. It was ALWAYS THERE.

Panel 4
Mae: Well, I mean.. That’s kinda what happens when you get rid of testosterone.
Liz: God dammit, Mae. Your endocrine system has some explaining to do.
Mae: You can file a complaint, but you’ll have to take a number.